Itai Kriss & Telavana

After spending the past 15 years working at the forefront of New York City’s Jazz scene while performing, recording and touring with some of the world’s top afro-cuban, Latin and Salsa artists, flute virtuoso Itai Kriss fuses the sounds of his native Israel with those of his adopted homelands in the Americas to bring you TELAVANA. From the desert shores of Israel to the tropical beaches of Cuba, TELAVANA bridges the musical spheres of the Middle East and the Caribbean by combining Timba, Soul, North African music and Jazz to create a unique and lively mix of rhythms and textures. The 1st TELAVANA album was released on 7.7.2018 in NYC and is available everywhere. Listen Here


From the press:

“…strong, effervescent set” (Tom Greenland, New York Jazz Record, July 2018)

“..clearly a virtuoso..” (Nigel Williamson, Songlines, August 25, 2018)

“authentically beautiful melodies”

“[Kriss] plays with majestic virtuosity”

“Mr Kriss has matured into a musician who bestrides the two musical worlds of the Middle East and Latin America like a Colossus” (Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Network August 23 2018)

“synthesizing and globetrotting”

“musical wanderlust” (Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz, September 12 2018)

“a musical synthesis as appealing and unforced as the cultural mix of the band” (Nate Chinen,, July 8 2018)

“The music imparts an upbeat groove on Kriss’ originals and classic Israeli songs translated with… a Caribbean flair” (Philadelphia CityPaper July 17 2014)

“…melding Latin influences with Middle Eastern roots to create a unique hybrid” (Philadelphia CityPaper July 17 2014 )

















Itai Kriss Quartet 

the shark

Backed by a hard-grooving rhythm section and stellar special guests virtuoso flutist and composer Itai Kriss explores the junction of swinging Hard-bop, Caribbean rhythms and funky beats all over New York and beyond.








Migrant Workers


MIGRANT WORKERS front(Cover design by Koko Ntuen)

A decade in the making, Migrant Workers proudly announce the release of their dynamic debut album. A truly collaborative effort, it showcases the inventive and swinging talents of five “new” New Yorkers: four Israelis and an Aussie who have been making music together since their arrival in the city more than ten years ago.

From meditative middle-eastern melodies to down- the-line bebop burners to odd-meter funk- when it comes to swinging modern jazz, Migrant Workers get the job done.










The Nurit Hirsh Songbook


10152612_10152370021072941_793419424_n(Photo by Maria Novosolov)

Nurit Hirsh is one of the most famous, prolific and well loved songwriters in Israeli music history. During her career beginning in the 1960’s she has penned more than 1,500 songs, many of them becoming classics of the Israeli music canon.
In this show ,New York based flutist and composer Itai Kriss offers a program of the Nurit Hirsh’s greatest hits. Re imagined and rearranged for a Jazz quintet, Kriss draws on his Jazz roots, Latin rhythms and diverse worldwide influences to create a fresh and stimulating rendering of these classic songs.







Los Hacheros


red room web

(photo by Danielle Barbieri)

Since 2011, Los Hacheros have been setting dance floors aflame with a gritty soulfulness that has been absent far too long from the modern Latin scene. Through their music, one hears echoes of legends such as Ray Barretto, Fania, and Arsenio Rodriguez, but with an immediacy that is unmistakably New York, now. Combining the raw emotion of Papote Jimenez’s vocals, Eddie Venegas and Itai Kriss’ powerful mambos, and Jacob Plasse’s psychedelic tres guitar, Los Hacheros have created a revelatory sound that is both unique and timeless.

Los Hacheros’ debut album, Pilon, out now on Chulo Records, was recorded live on a 388 Tascam tape machine with no computers or overdubs. The result? A perfect blend of polyrhythms and improvisational flights, earning the praise of die-hard salseros, while also introducing a younger generation to the music’s beauty and enduring vitality.